Secretary General of the Fund for the Development of Education Ministers offers a “prescription” for the treatment of crises of education in an international conference

Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Ghandour, Secretary General of the Education Development Fund under the chairmanship of the Council of Ministers, said that the Fund works as an incubator for non-traditional models of educational projects in different education sectors. It provides direct solutions to the problems facing the education sector and meets international standards in terms of reliability and quality. A tutorial will be issued to meet international standards and adopt this model and disseminate it to the sector concerned.

The conference was organized by the Egyptian Foundation for Education and Human Development in cooperation with the British British Education Association of the United Kingdom under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Social Solidarity. , And the Education Development Fund of the Council of Ministers, that it is necessary to form an integrated educational alliance involving the relevant ministries, the private sector, industry, civil society organizations and others to achieve the educational renaissance.

Al-Ghandour pointed out that the Fund depends on having a foreign educational partner with experience in preparing cadres, developing curricula and developing infrastructure to produce a student who meets the international quality for a certain period of time.

He pointed out that the Fund in 2009 established the so-called national network of integrated technology complexes, which was based on the establishment of complexes in the industrial zones in Egypt. The complex consists of 4 components, a school 3 years after the preparatory stage, the intermediate college stage is awarded an average diploma of two years, , Where the student ends with a bachelor’s degree in technology, an innovative degree in the field of technical education and started in the technological parks and accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities to support the open-ended technical education Mozaei for university education and the fourth vocational training center, Which is preparing medium and short term training plans for the preparation and rehabilitation of employment in the industries surrounding the complex, as well as those who wish to change the professional paths of the residents of the area surrounding the complex.

The Secretary-General of the Education Development Fund, chaired by the Council of Ministers, said that the technology complexes project started with the Amiri Technology Complex and was funded entirely by the state budget in cooperation with a foreign educational partner, Pearson. Also in the Fayoum complex with the Italian government, which is one of the indicators of the success of the Amiri experience, because the educational partner began to provide material support to the technical side, and then extended cooperation from Fayoum compound to the establishment of Assiut in partnership with the German government, Fh of the students at the beginning of the current academic year, and the partnership moved to Germany total funding, added to the two new agreements with technical and financial partnership with the Italian government to establish Abu Ghalib complex and professional school complex Fayoum.

He stressed that the October 6 and Badr Complex is in the process of starting and there is no partnership yet. It is a compound in the 6th of October city in the fields of new and renewable energy to serve the national projects of the state and the industrial zone there, and another in Badr city to specialize in construction and construction to serve the needs of the administrative capital and the new cities. Needs of Suez Canal Development Hub.

Ghandour said that the fund is working on non-traditional models to solve the accumulated education crises, adding that the models rely on science to provide direct and creative solutions, stressing that solving the problems of education in the use of resources, and not waste.

The Secretary-General of the Education Development Fund, headed by the Council of Ministers, said that the aim of activating the successful models is to develop technical education schools. He pointed out that a protocol was signed with Education to develop 27 schools in the technical education sector, pointing out that a protocol has also been signed with the Ministry of Health The project started a month ago and another project in the field of spinning and weaving.

The challenge is to achieve the sustainability of these models technically, administratively, legally and financially, and as we have been able to achieve both technical and administrative sustainability by building Egyptian cadres capable of managing the system efficiently after exiting the foreign partner, both financial and legislative sustainability remain a real challenge to these models .