«Education Development»: We must have a clear plan for partnership between industry and technical education

“We must have a clear plan for the partnership between industry and technical education by following the experience of Germany, which is funded by the private sector,” said Dr. Abdelwahab Ghandour, director of the Education Development Fund during the technical education development session of the 5th International Conference on Quality Education. % Of technical education and control in determining the required disciplines, and we have good models in Egypt in the industry worked a good partnership with technical education ».

He added: «We must prepare a plan to eliminate the spread of duplication of projects and duplication of spending in technical education, the disciplines must be based on the labor market there are disciplines of decades has not been developed so we must do a good study of the labor market to learn new disciplines and the work of this study Five years to reveal the new disciplines in the market. Work in the first place This study will encourage the private sector to finance the disciplines because it is the beneficiary. This study will help to make the most of the funding and go in the right direction. This plan should address the elimination of current unemployment. The new disciplines required for the labor market and adjust their skills according to new needs ».

“There should be a legislative sustainability of technical education by opening a parallel course of higher education to attract students to technical education. Therefore, the technological colleges should be expanded and this started by the Ministry of Higher Education starting from seven universities. This is a great achievement to provide grades for graduates of technical education .