Secretary of Education Development Fund participates in the Global Competitiveness Conference

Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Ghandour, Secretary General of the Education Development Fund of the Prime Minister, said that he will participate in the third annual conference of global competitiveness on Tuesday under the theme of Global Competitiveness of the World’s Ambassadors in Egypt 2018. Smart Village.

Al Ghandour announced in an official statement that he will present during this conference the successful models presented by the Fund during the past period, both in general and technical or higher education, and the challenges facing the Fund to disseminate these models, most notably the financial sustainability of the developed educational models that will become the cornerstone To mainstream development.

Al-Ghandour said that the state or the ministries concerned will become an organizer of the operation and will be managed directly by the beneficiaries, whether in the industry, the private sector or others. This is in most countries of the world, stressing that good education is expensive education. That the largest industrial countries can not afford the state budget alone costs of operating expenses of educational institutions there.

He pointed out that the education sector is the cornerstone of achieving a high rate of global competitiveness and improving Egypt’s global ranking, whether technical, public or higher, so that a graduate graduate who can lead and read the level of improvement, which is fuel to improve Egypt’s ranking in global competitiveness by providing employment Eligible for the Egyptian labor market.

The third Global Competitiveness Conference for Ambassadors is held in partnership with the Egyptian-Swiss Business Council, with a group of officials, businessmen and economists, as well as an international participation of ambassadors from more than 12 foreign countries in Egypt.

Among the most prominent participants in the conference were Dr. Abdulwahab Ghandour, Secretary General of the Educational Development Fund of the Prime Minister’s Office, Media Jamal Al Shaer, Member of the National Media Commission, Tareq Al Khouli, Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oriental Resorts for Tourism Development.