«Developing Education» discusses cooperation with the University of Modern Sciences in the UAE

Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Ghandour, Secretary General of the Educational Development Fund of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, met with a delegation from the University of Modern Sciences in the UAE, headed by Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, President of the University.

Al-Ghandour said in a press statement that he discussed with the UAE side the activation of cooperation and the development of a working paper in a month that contains the main points of a partnership in the educational development system with the UAE University. He expressed his aspiration for educational cooperation with the UAE, Developing its education system and developing a system of partnership between the state and the private sector to develop and sustain the management of an advanced educational system.

He added that the file of education in Egypt needs many alliances to develop and then sustain this development, noting that the Fund presented many models that represent direct solutions to the problems experienced by many educational sectors in Egypt.

Al-Ghandour explained that the Fund participates in the dissemination of these models after their success in cooperation with the ministries concerned through an integrated educational alliance composed of members from the development and civil society bodies, beneficiaries and the Council of Representatives besides the concerned ministries. Without this alliance, this target can not be achieved.

He pointed out that the Fund also does not mind the partnership with the private sector, such as the tripartite agreement signed by the University of Alexandria and the Egyptian Academy of Leadership, which is one of the most important agreements adopted by the Fund for Education Development between the State and the private sector to develop and establish an educational model for the development of vocational education. For the partnership and there is an experience, expressing his aspiration to expand it.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, President of the University of Modern Sciences in Dubai, praised the projects provided by the Egyptian Education Development Fund, stressing the need to combine all efforts to publicize those projects which will have a positive role for the Egyptian economy and sustainable development in Egypt.

He expressed his astonishment at the level of students at the Fund’s Amiriya Technological Complex, stressing that the curricula are advanced and the students have exerted great effort on them, and he did not expect that there is advanced technical education in this form in Egypt.

Ghoneim pointed out that the University of Modern Sciences can invest the strong UAE relationship with Egypt by linking the body responsible for technical education in the UAE and the Education Development Fund to transfer their experience to Egypt. In the last six years, . It can complement the Fund’s development and application of the experience in all branches of commercial, tourism, agricultural and not technical education. A vocational and technical education body can be established in Egypt and distributed in all sectors.

He looked forward to the partnership with the Education Development Fund to introduce a new type of technical education. He will survey the models under the supervision of the Fund and communicate with the private sector and the business sector to finance and train students and work with them for long periods of time. Information to the needs of the labor market, to cover different sectors and this experience will happen to develop the industry and raise the quality of the Egyptian product and increase export, which is the main objective.

The President of the University of Modern Sciences in Dubai, he discussed with the Egyptian side, the problems that can face the investor in the development of education, and we were able to identify within the framework of logistical problems, such as providing the right land for the construction of schools and educational institutions, calling for government support in the agreements with the sector Business, industry and various sectors support graduates of technical education.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the head of the university delegation stressed that the most important positive point in his visit is the hope he has found in the education system in Egypt. If the Fund is supported and disseminated in all schools or university education, it will be the beginning of strong research from Egyptian universities with great hope and promising opportunities. Through cooperation with the Education Development Fund.