About EDF

Under state plans in the field of education and learning, training and development of human resources, was to go to Develop education and training sector and linked to the labor market. In this regard, the Education Development Fund was established by Presidential Decree No. 290 of 2004 on August 28, 2004 under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and the membership of ministers (finance – international cooperation – economic development – Higher Education and State for Scientific Research – Education – Communications and Information Technology – Trade and Industry), and four with my experience Are selected by a decision of the Prime Minister on the nomination of the ministers of Education and Higher Education And the approval of the Board of Directors. The fund aims to provide assistance and financial support to projects that contribute to In the development of education programs at various levels in collaboration with various state agencies and local organizations And regional, to help the country meet the challenges of the labor market and provide its skills needs And human resources capable of advancing development at an accelerated pace to chase the continuing evolution in Applications of advanced technology in all areas of work.

Fund priorities include the following areas:

1. Quality of education.

2. Education and lifelong learning.

3. Support human capacity and modernization of institutional efficiency.

4. Integration of technology in education.

5. Support of Graduate Studies and Research.

6. Establishment of educational institutions.


Evolution is evident in pre-university education and higher education through the provision of the Education Development Fund for pilot models of education and provide quality education to meet the requirements of the labor market cadres of the stomach and scientifically qualified distinct.


preparation and implementation of projects for the construction and development of educational institutions, was not included in the plans of the ministries concerned, to be a role model by the relevant ministries, institutions and civil society organizations. The Fund also seeks to support community participation and mobilization potential to achieve a qualitative leap in the scope of education.

EDF Targets

The fund aims to provide support and technical support to projects that contribute to the development of education programs at various levels in order to achieve the following:
1.Providing market requirements of manpower stomach and scientifically qualified distinct
2.To promote and raise the efficiency of faculty members, teachers and coaches for the stages of education Different.
3.Direct contribution and cooperation with various state agencies and local and regional organizations.
4.Upgrading of technical and vocational cadres working in various sectors of the state.
5.Contribute to the resettlement and development of advanced technology.
6.Contribute to the establishment of specialized centers for the transfer and training on advanced technology in Education, training, and management of the educational process, and laboratories, laboratories and workshops.
7.Contribute to the establishment of clubs and competent scientific centers creating cadres and the development of Hobbies And NorthStar in technology and science in general.
8.Projects presented to the Board of Directors and recognizes their importance to the development of education.