Technical Education Cluster

Integrated technological education clusters

There is no doubt that there is a gap between available from schools and institutes existing technical colleges of education and the needs of the executive and the productive sectors and the labor market, show the gap more clearly in a number of industrial productive sectors of economic priority, and the gap is limited to graduate skills and abilities that are rehabilitated by But include new specialized areas where there is a deficit, despite the need of the labor market and industrial and executive facilities. This gap threatens the competitiveness of some promising industrial sectors, hindering the growth and progress of these industries and limiting their ability to compete internally and externally with the foreign producer. The schools and technical institutes and colleges present their status is not able to meet the needs of the developing sectors and areas not only in terms of the fields of specialization, but in terms of specifications and skills of graduates, where graduates lack the practical skills of the process. Based on the idea of ​​the establishment of integrated technological clusters according to the needs of industry in the geographic areas in all parts of the Republic it came by providing technicians at the highest level in accordance with international standards and recipients locally and internationally accredited certificate.

the message :

• The development of high-level technicians with the capacity to

• Compatibility with levels corresponding to national skills standards.

• To join the labor market directly and adapt to the needs of the industry.

• Upgrading their level and keeping abreast of the accelerating industrial technological progress.

• Continue to learn and switch between sub-disciplines after receiving appropriate training


Take advantage of integrated infrastructure, equipment and trainers to provide high-level technical and technological education that:

• Meeting the community demand for the imperative of promoting technical education.

• Integrating the vision of the parties involved in the educational, training, industrial and service process.

• Provide a dynamic model center for technical education that meets the needs of the labor market.

• Provide a dynamic model center for technical education that meets the needs of the labor market.

• Improving the community’s perception of technical education.

• Maximize the benefit of the integration of material and human resources through unified management of the cluster.


• Provide a leading model for technical education to serve priority industrial sectors that can be replicated in other geographical locations to serve different industries or services.

• Provide developed curricula that can be used as a reference for the development of all technical education curricula to be applied at different levels.

• To enrich the educational and training possibilities through the establishment of laboratories and workshops at the highest level.

• Prepare a staff of trainers at the highest level according to the best training programs and establish a reference for that.

• Provide a successful model for linking technical education with the needs of industry and its integration through the components of the cluster, especially the industrial training center.

Current complexes:

Integrated Technological Education clusterin Amiriyah
Fayoum Integrated Technological Education cluster
Assiut Integrated Technological Education cluster